About Kathleen Burk


Local Specialist REALTOR-Bragg Creek and Area | Redwood Meadows | 762 


Having a real estate agent doesn’t automatically ensure you have an agent knowledgeable in the complexities from Bragg Creek to Dartique and the area in between. Kathleen has resided in Bragg Creek for over 15 years. Her children are being educated at the local schools, she is currently one of the President for the Bragg Creek Chamber of Commerce, she owns real estate in the Hamlet, she is a liaison between the municipality and the public, she shops locally, she spends her offtime high in the mountains, deep in the back country or nestled in the forests, she is devoted to volunteering and giving back every place possible and she’s helped many clients & friends purchase and sell Bragg Creek and Redwood properties gaining her a unique insight & an uncommon perspective over the area. Knowledge of the real estate market’s stock, market conditions and knowledge of the properties themselves make certain your time is not wasted. Her connections within the industry are extensive and her ongoing relationships with repeat clients grant you access to interested Buyers or Sellers. Kathleen is truly a Specialist of Lifestyle real estate. Kathleen’s love of real estate, passion for her clients’ real estate goals, award winning success and drive for solving problems combine to bring to you a Bragg Creek real estate agent like no other. YOU ARE THE PRIORITY | Kathleen listens to your story & what’s important to you, uncovers your roadblocks, communicates the process effectively and helps you realize your goals. Taking the time to sit down to better understand you along with your ideas, hopes & dreams for your home delivers tailormade service grounded by well-defined focus of your goals. DYNAMIC, DRIVEN AND TENACIOUS | Changes to the real estate market happen quickly and having an agent who can skillfully manage these changes is essential to your success. Kathleen’s energy, focus and passion for real estate equate to your opportunities being zealously pursued and aggressive negotiating on your behalf. Kathleen is committed to deliver the outcome you desire.

If you are considering a move to Bragg Creek Alberta or the Greater Surrounding Area please feel free to reach out to Kathleen to talk about Bragg Creek and Redwood Meadows Real Estate, Bragg Creek Areas, Bragg Creek Community Amenities and Bragg Creek Services.