The nature of the differences between selling a home and purchasing someone else’s property with the intent to create your new home are not only vast but in stark contrast of one another and require two totally different skill sets from a Realtor. Kathleen’s Twenty-three year career as a licensed Realtor with the Calgary Real Estate Board has been navigated by an unrelenting principal of allowing clients to drive the process within a predetermined set of boundaries. She discusses equity, costs, contractual obligations and relationships before ever embarking on a transaction. “The equity in my client's home has been hard earned and it is that equity that pays sales expenses, one of which is a Realtor's commission-our pay cheques”-Kathleen Burk

Kathleen’s reputation is built on being collaborative, transparent, easy to work with, amenable, totally professional, supportive, compromising, bold and direct. “There is no room in my business relationships for bullying my clients or being difficult to work with, I was born and raised in Calgary with small town Alberta principals, I look my clients in the eye and make sure they understand I am there as a servant to facilitate the Real Estate Transaction in their best interests and ONLY in their best interests. Everyone in my personal and professional life will validate that I always have and always will place clients before commission.”-Kathleen Burk

Kathleen’s uncanny ability to read a situation and stay one step ahead of challenges has earned her a place of trust within the community. It is with laser focus that Kathleen will tend to her clients Real Estate Goals helping them achieve the success they desire. Kathleen’s favorite quote from her service in the community is: “Love her or not, you don’t want to be a part of a Real Estate Transaction without her. She will always have your back.” 

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