2023 SNEAK PEEK Let's Raise the Bar

By: Kathleen Burk

2023 SNEAK PEEK Let's Raise the Bar

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2023 Sneak Peek DISRUPTION


Disruption is on the horizon. I can feel the beginnings of it. I can feel the seeds that were planted by the brave few, so many years ago are now sprouting. I believe enough people want both autonomy and a voice that they are willing to find a way to have both, only I dont think It will be by fighting. I believe we need to move out of the way of the fighting, allow room for more feminine energy to resonate allowing what we seek to come to us without resistance, much like conception when the timing is right the strongest and best option will present itself first.


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For the sellers:


2023 for my practice will bring disruption and evolution to what is perceived as typical and what we have come to tolerate and accept but later resent. We are creating systems and protocols to offer my sellers complete control over the process of selling. To be able to dictate how their home is accessed, treated and inspected. We are creating documents allowing sellers to set the rules. We are providing autonomy and creating ways of enforcing rules and respect of a seller's home, a seller’s time and a seller’s family. We are highlighting laws, guidelines and requirements, as well as standards of practice and the realtor code of conduct in a way that people can understand. 


2023 will create an opportunity for the seller to be empowered and be able to stipulate and enforce that buyers and realtors conduct themselves as “guests in a home”.  I will be reframing and preparing so that my sellers never feel as though they are begging someone to purchase their home. 


2023 will begin my embrace of these changes by ensuring (through written request as instructed by the seller) that all realtors are capable in the area of work that applies to the situation at hand by way of a gentle reminder to bring in outside expertise or broker involvement if the ways of our unique real estate are not familiar. 


We are turning the tables and disrupting the system so that the sellers, their life and our listings remain controlled, and predictable. This standard of practice serves to strive as a tool to improve the experience had by all when you hire us to do the work. 


For the buyers:


2023 will bring autonomy and empowerment to my buyers. We will spend time preparing and strengthening your position, we will remain committed to what you want and how far you are willing to go to get it so that you never ever have to consider how to posture or how to appeal to the selling side and rely on hope and someone else's good mood to have your expectations met. We will continue to support and encourage your autonomy and conviction because the person willing to walk away from a negotiation empty handed is always the most formidable opponent. I will get you there in your time, not mine, as we move through the process that is yours. I will help you shift your perspective so that your purchase can be predictable and successful within the terms that you create based on what you want to achieve. 


In 2023 we will be experimenting with changes and working towards making your experience in real estate better. 2023 is about systems and preparation to enhance and empower those who hire us to do the work. 2023 is the RETURN OF YOUR EMPOWERMENT.


2023 is the year of NO. 

2023 is the year of MY PROPERTY, MY RULES. 

2023 is the year of MY MONEY MY RULES. 

2023 is the year of CLIENT DECISION. 

2023 will MUTE arrogance and bullying with LAWFUL UNDERSTANDING and EMPOWERMENT


2023 is the year of THE CLIENT

2023 is the year of DISRUPTION


Yours in truth ALWAYS,