Game Set Match

By: Kathleen Burk

Game Set Match

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Game, Set, Match

      First off, I only play tennis for the attire and I lack the skill to play well. I do however appreciate the idiom “Game, Set, Match” and it is a perfect way to describe any type of conclusion. It is time to conclude the chapter on the chaos of the 2020-2022 real estate market. In a nutshell the market can be summed up as follows: sellers navigating how to be sure that money was not left on the table and that an attractive deal would close, buyers were worried about never again being able to afford real estate anywhere in the world, the industry was working at a pace that they could not prepare for, nor control. Although it may not have been common in the overall market I am proud that my clients took their time, made smart choices, prepared for the process and we even had dress rehearsals. Some of you took your listings off the market to remain in control of a changing market, some pushed through, some of you walked away from situations that were not ideal for you, some of you shut down negotiations because the process became unpredictable and others took risks based on long term goals and quality of life mattering more than the results of a risk analysis. What we all had to work through was a market pace that commanded the ability and willingness to react as opposed to the ability to prepare. To that I say Au Revior and “Game, Set, Match”.

      I am proud to launch my 2023 theme: Seller Empowerment and Buyer Preparation. The idea was born sometime in November from frustration and a need for me to see change. The creative process was ignited in December, it was launched the 2nd of January and here is the seller’s basic 5 point breakout:

      1.Personal and professional spaces and the requirement for privacy, respect, and    honour will be introduced by way of private realtor comments, and reinforced at the time of showing. Showing realtors will be obligated to operate within the sellers outlined expectations  while in the sellers home and on the sellers property. 

2. My sellers get to choose:  Who is present, what will take place, where people can go, when people arrive, when they leave, and how different processes unfold.

3. Seller Instructions relating to others access, conduct, timing, etc.  on any and every matter can be put in writing and can be enforced. 

4. Sellers will control the process when it involves their property.

5. Ongoing Education.  

      I was able to reconstruct the ways in which my business is extended by simply putting myself in your shoes and being committed to restructuring the things that didn't sit right with me.Seller empowerment and Buyer preparation is unfolding as the overarching theme to my practice. You've been promoted to QB, I am the coach and I assure you that I will prepare you to make the plays and win the game.