Lessons from COVID-19, Insights into what makes a Realtor tick and a message of Thanks

By: Kathleen Burk

Lessons from COVID-19, Insights into what makes a Realtor tick and a message of Thanks

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5 Months Later.......... 

COVID-19, you are a force to be reckoned with. Your capacity to break the human spirit is less than I thought it may be however your capacity to wear us down to what at times feels like a thinning version of ourselves is monumental. A level of vulnerability not typically present and likely unable to be mitigated. 


My work allows me an opportunity to see people through transitions in their lives that can feel insurmountable. The vulnerability and uncertainty that is experienced during the sale or a purchase of a property can be unsettling at best and COVID-19 has seemingly exacerbated those feelings. Exposing us, as a human species at a deeper level, levels that typically remain hidden.  

My Real Estate work catapults me into situations of leadership, I embark on those situations without hesitation but also without any knowledge of what skill set will be needed outside of contract structure and when the work is complete, (sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully) I am left with a deeper respect for people and a deeper level of understanding of myself and almost always with a person in my life that has come to be my friend.  


Lately I have been considering those that have been the most impactful influences on me as both a Realtor and as a Woman, the contributions they have made to my life, my personality or my business are significant and far reaching. I have thought of them often while I have felt most vulnerable through this time and their influence is always there. To them I say Thank you.  

I encourage everyone to share their influencers as often as possible, it helps gain clarity into what pushes us to succeed and what may be holding us back.  

  1. 1. My late Father-For leading by example and putting people first, for doing what is right and just and fair...(and not outrunning my headlights at night) for never complaining publicly and teaching me there are always 3 sides to a story: yours, mine, and the truth. 

  1. 2. My uncle and God Father-For teaching me respect for discipline and forward momentum, for teaching me that hard work that brings measurable results should be the driver of all business. 

  1. 3. Christina H-Single handedly my biggest influence in real estate and friend. For teaching me that the clients desired outcome and result comes before absolutely anything and everything else in that moment. For teaching me to compartmentalize and push forward no matter what and for teaching me never ever ever to whine and complain. 

  1. 4. Tanya E-Communicator extraordinaire and Real Estate wizard. For exemplary, clear, and concise communication skills that are motivating and inspirational. Eloquent, results driven and tough. 

  1. 5. My friend Lise E-The most direct, no nonsense, tough, driven, inspirational and powerful woman I have ever known. 

  1. 6. Kendra W-Real Estate Market Dominator and one of the 22 female boxers who I stepped into the ring with. For showing me firsthand what really wanting to win looks like. It isn't pretty but it is spectacular. I will forever try to be first, be fast, and be committed. Thank you  

I believe deeply that there is a theme to the influencers in our life and they show us where we need to improve to better ourselves and hone our skills within our professional calling. What I am attracted to the most in people is positivity and what I admire the most in people is resiliency, being task oriented, the ability to communicate clearly and assertively, result driven, task oriented and a commitment to problem solving.  

To the women in my life, continue to fight, to be brave and fierce, everything you do you has impact and influence for someone who needs it.