Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without in Bragg

By: Kathleen Burk

Top 10 Things I Can't Live Without in Bragg

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TOP 10 Things I CAN’T Live Without at home on an Acreage in Bragg Creek 

 Acreage living is a whole different animal when it comes to lifestyle. There are somethings you just can’t be without in the Greater Bragg Creek Area. Here is my Top 10, leave yours in the comments. 


#1) MUCK BOOTS-They are always at the front door ready to go. Super Warm, Always Dry.  

#2) FLASHLIGHT-There are no streetlights in the country, when you need to run outside its DARK! 

#3) BROOM-We've all got them, there's a reason rural homes usually have a broom at the front door, it’s dirty out here and we are constantly outside. 

#4) EXTRA DRINKING WATER-When the power goes out so does the well pump. 

#5) SNOWBLOWER-Aside from the washing machine, this is the most used piece of equipment in the winter. Living in a postcard means living in more snow (sometimes 10 times the amount) as Calgary. 

#6) BLANKETS-We have blankets everywhere, the softer and heavier the better, on chairs, couches, benches....everywhere.

#7) SNOW RAKE-Ice Dams are the worst and maybe the only thing negative about Chinook weather conditions, every time it snows, we have to get up on the roof and rake as much off as possible. 

#8) JOE-The free spirit, rescue dog who is our faithful family friend and vigilant guard dog. Making sure we know when something is not right.  

#9) DE-ICER-Everywhere, all the time 

#10) LADDER-I am amazed at how often we need a ladder. We have a step ladder, folding ladders, an extension ladder, step stools....soooo many ladders. One at the front of the house and one at the back. 

What are your TOP 10? Leve them in the comments.