The Beginning of the Beginning January 9

By: Kathleen Burk

The Beginning of the Beginning January 9

Tags: real estate, acreage real estate, Bragg Creek, country realtor

January 9th 2023


For me, January 9th marks the beginning of the beginning. My 3 sons all have birthdays within 3 weeks of Christmas (2 of them within 3 days of Christmas) and being the only child in my family I have the privilege of hosting the family Christmas. This year almost 30 of us gathered together to celebrate and connect. By the time Christmas and New Years passes there is the lingering and often agonizing approach of January 8th….my Birthday, the date that marks the end of the extraordinary pressure and stress of the season. The day that always seems to allow the fog of the liminal time that is the holidays to burn off and clear. 


2023 will allow me to launch new initiatives that will compliment my existing work. We are rolling out my anticipated overarching theme of “seller empowerment and buyer preparation”. We are implementing auxiliary documents that will reinforce a seller’s position. We are creating ways to help our buyers approach a purchase from a position of confidence and self governance. 

I have created a way to address the uncomfortable conversations around Redwood Meadows in a sales context. We have done a test run and have committed to offering a way to connect and understand who I am on a personal level. We have committed to a model of real estate sales that focuses on intense preparation of listings in order to position my clients in the best way possible while recognizing and surrendering to the fact that every single listing is individual and no system or template exists.


You will continue to come first, the community will continue to be supported, my volunteering will remain within Bragg Creek and the Greater Surrounding Area, and my offerings will continue to be customized and specific to you and to your unique situations, knowing that life is fluid and requires the mandate of “real time change”.


Everything I have created and built is for you and I expect you to have the very best of what can be offered. 


Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Bragg Creek | Springbank | Millarville and welcome to 2023.