By: Kathleen Burk

What's "HOT" in Local High End Real Estate

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What's in demand in luxury Real Estate in the Greater Bragg Creek and Surrounding Area?

We might not be as high profile as the Hollywood Hills but make no mistake about there are multi-million-dollar masterpieces quietly sprinkled all over the Foothills of the Rockies from Bragg Creek to Millarville. We sometimes forget that we’ve got movie stars retreating here, oil and gas magnates, and Canadian Royalty right here in our Heartland.

1.    The Smarthome

Dim the lights in your entry way, set the thermostat to a cozy 21 degrees and heat up the hot tub  under the starts all while you are on your way home. In today’s digital age, we are constantly connected and now, you can be connected with your home and even control it from your smartphone. With this technology installed in your home, not only will you be able to control creature comforts from afar, but it will afford you the luxury of being able to oversee security systems remotely, monitor infrastructure systems, and kep efficiency ratings high wn you are not home.

2.   Helipad

It is becoming increasingly popular for luxury homeowners to fly to and from professional engagements, bring high profile guests in quietly and simply circumvent the traffic when possible. Private Helipads are becoming a more popular feature in our luxury real estate market. Those helicopters you see are no longer only for sightseeing tours and rescure operations.
3.    Commercial Kitchens with Integrated Technology

As the hub of the home, your kitchen should be the first room in the house to be updated, which today means being equipped with all of the latest gadgets and hi-tech appliances available on the market. On the list of must-haves to make your kitchen a step above the rest is smart appliances, that send alerts when left on, hidden backsplashes that rise from the countertop and serve as displays for appliances, and a built-in espresso maker that you can control from bed via your smartphone. Ultra lux but low profile appliances are a mist-have. From black stoves with rose gold touches to industrial grade drawer coolers and freezers, not touch is too much.

4.    Net Zero, Green, and Energy Effficient is a Must
Solar panels, heat recovery systems, composting toilets, wood stoves and super-efficient windows and doors can be made to suit high end luxury homes, a high end back up generator is a must so  essential features of your home that require electricity can continue running even when the power gets knocked out.

5.    Hi-Tech Bathroom Fittings

The master bathroom has long been known as an in-home sanctuary where you can retreat after a long day and relax in your spa tub or steam shower. Now, you can make that space that much more luxurious with the help of smart technologies. Turn your clear glass shower opaque when someone steps in, warm up harsh cold floors with radiant heat, warm your towels on cue, and transform your mirror into an LCD television at the press of a button. With these new technologies, your master bath will feel more like one found in a high-end hotel.